The „Seestadt Aspern“ (Lake City Aspern) of the 22nd district of Vienna, Austria, is one the largest urban development projects in Europe. The settlement area Aspern has a long and changeful history: In 1912 one of the most modern aerodromes of Europe has been erected there, which has been closed only 1977. Then the company General Motors started their Austrian business at that location.

My photographic journey in this possible town started in 2009. Several visits followed, and each time I was curiosed about the growth, the achieved “reality”, about the creation of this new world. The deep impression of my first visit hasn’t been altered despite the obvious changes, developments, growing buildings, which have taken place within the time span of five years. The area displays itself as somehow fictional, unreal, invented, almost as something not really existing. A surrealistic stage impression, a stage without actors, like a place “Waiting for Godot”, who never will come, and when, by chance anyway, surely not to Aspern.

But many other came: the trailers with their folks, the urban gardening enthusiasts, the children groups, the interested ones of new urban planning and building as well as the future inhabitants.